Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Am I really directing?

So I took the tap on the shoulder and I ran with it. I am now the Athletic Director at the high school and I am also thinking, "what on earth have I done." More people have come up to me with congratulatory smirks then I care to count. There have been the, "kiss your personal life goodbye" comments as well as the, "good luck with the parents" comments. If I stop and think about it I may run from the building screaming.

My days are filled with coaches yelling at me, kids stomping their feet, officials complaining about waves on the ocean, and grass that grows faster than a dry sponge in water. Why do people like to say, "That's not MY job." If everyone says that, then how will anything get done?

I have had the speedy induction into the world of budgetary spreadsheets that seem as sensible as a schizophrenics mind. Why is it that when I show up, everyone needs new equipment because they have never gotten any before? There are papers on my desk that I cannot identify or even remember how they got there. I thought we were going green.

If something is broken, how could nobody have done it? If something is missing, how could nobody have taken it?

I have talked to so many new people on the phone that I cannot remember who I am speaking to as I am speaking to them. I have gone through several full sized lined pads of paper in a month because I have so many notes I don't know where to put them. Again...going green?

The brand new bleachers are bent after one football game. Everyone and their brother is complaining about the brand-spanking new press box because it is either too low, too hot, too long, or too something else they haven't thought of yet. The cannon man wants me to build him a shelf for the cannon. The handicap ramp looks like a skate-boarders dream and an administrators nightmare.

Parents want to know why their kid is playing, isn't playing, or doesn't want to play. Kids want to know why they can't get their team to buy them sneakers or a car.

I am becoming a professional doodler at meetings. I hope I haven't missed anything important.

...and I wouldn't trade this job for anything right now. I am having a ball!

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