Friday, January 21, 2011

The idea of being a Total Tech Nerd (TTN) and having Google recruit me for their Boston offices is a dream…only second to being on Oprah. However, as a Teacher Nerd (TN), the idea of technology in the classroom makes me quiver with joy even more than the idea of being locked in the cooler with a spoon at the Cheesecake Factory.

In light of the recent snow days suffered by my school district (3.5 in 2 weeks + 1 holiday) I have been pondering the idea/dream/vision/illusion that if we were totally connected than we would not be suffering the set-backs we are all contemplating while donning our snow gear to clear the driveway…again.

Stay with me here…

If the kids were all accustomed to logging in and posting comments to a chat board or blog, we could continue the learning process even when we don’t see them.

If the kids were in the habit of checking the website for new assignments or updates to class activities, then the learning could continue even on extended weekend vacations.

If the kids had an appropriate use for Facebook and Twitter (like communication for group projects) then they could continue to push forward and discover more information.

Of course in all of these examples the TN would be able to oversee the progress and communicate with her students while they were toasty at home in their pj’s.

Don’t be scared. This would NEVER take the place of being in the classroom and having that ability to personally communicate and connect with the kids BUT…being connected and using the technology that the modern business world created and uses daily might benefit our kids more than we could even imagine.

The other option is to take January and February off and go to school in July and August.

I vote for being a TNN and TN.

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