Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well how did this happen...

This past summer I kept driving by this old building in the city on my way to wherever I was going and I would comment in my head, "That place looks like an abandoned building...I wonder what it is"...and now its where I work. Funny how life can pull a fast one on you.

At the eleventh hour, I became a middle school health teacher. Stop it...stop cringing. Yes...they are funny little creatures...Yes they have no social filters yet...Yes they are are stuck between little kid and teenager...I know all of this...but they sure make a day go by quickly.

This is supposed to be the toughest school in the city. The kids have Spongebob backpacks.

These kids are supposed to be tough to teach. They come into my classroom with new questions everyday.

I've even been told by some folks in the community that the kids are like wild animals. WHAT?!?!

You know that feeling you get when you find that pair of sweat pants that you want to wear everyday because they are so comfortable...and you do wear them everyday because you feel so darn good in them...Yep...that's how I feel about my job.

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Joan said...

God bless you - eek - middle schoolers.
Can't wait to hear more!