Monday, September 19, 2011

The Best of Intentions

They say the road to heaven is paved with good intentions. If that’s the case then I have laid down a 12 lane super highway there and back already.

What the words of wisdom fail to describe are the mistakes, heartbreak, and utter failure we leave in our wake. It is a well known fact that before you are ultimately successful you will inevitably fail…possibly over and over again. Just look at Justin Beiber…he tried…like twice…to become famous and it took until he was 12 years old. Okay…bad example. But you get my drift.

No matter your profession, family situation, or charitable cause you will have thoughts and visions of how you will make a situation shine. You may make plans. You may enlist the help of others. You may even invest some moola to make a difference. Unfortunately, none of those things will guarantee success.

There is nothing that will guarantee success. There is no perfect plan. And hell, some people may take your good intention and stomp all over it like a million-legged creepy little bug.

And no, I am not Nattie the Nay-sayer…I am simply becoming a realist in my fifth decade of life.
But no, none of this should dissuade you from acting upon your good intentions. In fact these facts should inspire you to push forward.

If all who failed before us had given up I would not be playing Angry Birds on my nifty little iPad. I certainly wouldn’t be sitting on my couch typing on my super-thin laptop while surfing my Facebook page. And not a single low-income kid from a horrendous neighborhood would ever make it to college and eventually become a scientist who discovers a cure for cancer. Okay…the last one hasn’t happened yet but it certainly could.

Indulge me for a minute…good intentions can have some far reaching ramifications. Mrs. Dunkin was an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin who certainly did not have all easy days while wrangling the unruly fourth graders in her classroom for 30+ years. She taught in a low-income neighborhood to children of all races and backgrounds. I’m just a-guessin’ that she had a few rough days. But she had good intentions. She had at least one student who she inspired. She had one student who took Mrs. Dunkin’s best intentions and used them as inspiration for her own life. So without good intentions we may never have heard of Oprah Winfrey. (You know I couldn’t go too far without mentioning my Oppie.)

Really, the short story is that we need to keep fighting the good fight. We need to know that we may encounter bumps in the road but we also will find the beautiful ending to a story yet to be written. It is what makes this world a great place to be…we all have some good intentions…we just need to keep making them a reality…or at least try.

Keep the good intentions flowing.

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